I am a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), which means having gained the relevant academic qualifications I am gaining the practical experience necessary for full membership.

Jayne Lockey MA (Fine Art) MSc (Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare)

I have many certificates of attendance for various seminars and workshops but have listed here tested skills and workshops where active involvement and primary engagement with the tutor took place.

TAGteach Level 2 certified

TAGteach Level 2 certified

I am thrilled to have been taught by Teresa McKeon –  a national level gymnastics coach of more than 30 years, she along with Joan Orr and Karen Pryor created TAGteach, a vehicle that transported the science of learning from the rigid rules of academia to the riotous world of live teaching and coaching. TAGteach is an instructional protocol for humans… Read more →

IABTC Pet Dog Training Instructor Level 2

IABTC Pet Dog Training Instructor Level 2

Trained with and certified by Angela White at the International Animal Behaviour Training College and gained certification on both practical and theoretical competence. The assessment is to satisfy the assessor that you have the ability to run and teach classes without the support of other instructors, deal with minor behaviour problems but understand your limitations and know when to refer to… Read more →

John Rogerson Certificate

The Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour – John Rogerson

John Rogerson is a legend in the dog training world, my favourite trainer and one of the world’s leading trainers and behaviourists. I have trained with John on many occasions where he teaches the following: Breeds, Breed Standards Dog Training How Dogs Learn Puppy Development Rescue and Rehabilitation The Law & the Dog Measuring Behaviour, Problems & Counselling Fears &… Read more →

CIDBT certificate

Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training – Understanding Canine Care and Behaviour – certified

A foundation course that provided general background information for dog-training and behaviour world. Involved research and study of canine, breed specific and breed group origins. What kind of dog suits which kind of lifestyle and personality and what problems seem to be most common. Research and study of canine physiology, anatomy, grooming, maintenance, diet and general care, and canine communication. Dog training… Read more →

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Award

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Award

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Award is the highest level of achievement of the Scheme. It builds upon the skills learnt in the Silver Award and develops more advance training skills of the dog and handler. The Gold Award is a natural progression of practical dog training skills and introduces new concepts such as relaxed isolation, stop… Read more →

BAT logo

Behaviour Adjustment Training – BT101 – Empowered Socialization

Introduction to BAT – 2 day seminar and online practical video course BAT helps dogs practice social skills in a way that improves confidence and self control. BAT stands for Behaviour Adjustment Training because we focus on adjusting the behaviour within the natural set of consequences. BAT could stand for Boring Aggression Training. The goal is to have a dog whose… Read more →

Canine first aid

Canine first aid

You never believe deep down that you will ever need to use first aid on your own dog. That nightmare happened to me recently and I was deeply thankful that I had attended a local canine first aid course. Here’s “the tail” of my poor greyhound. It accidentally got caught in a slamming door during high winds and lost the… Read more →

Other Educational Activities

Above is a selection of the educational activities I have participated in and this education is ongoing not least attending seminars and workshops from some of the best including -Patricia McConnell -Denise Fenzi -PDSA Animal First Aid -Ian Dunbar -Victoria Stilwell -Robert Alleyne