My cats and dogs

Over the years my family and I have shared our house with quite a few pets (dogs, cats, budgies, cockatiels, tortoises, hamsters, gerbils, canaries, fish, a pigeon and a rat).


Animal-training in our household was non-existent in any mindful way. I remember one day we took our dog for a walk and let her off the lead under the false assumption that she would spend her time playing with us rather than run home across a dual carriageway, wreck peoples’ gardens on the way,  dig up my dad’s garden and finally fall asleep in front of the fire, muddy paws and all. We were wrong.  We didn’t have a great relationship, we hadn’t taught her any recall skills and she barely acknowledged her own name – Julie  (really?) – No Canine Community Code in those days…

We never taught our dogs that is was bad manners to steal food from the kitchen table either. Beer, Christmas turkey and even entire pots of margarine  were routinely stolen.

misterOur tom cat used to launch himself onto any unsuspecting friend’s shoulders at any point in the day or evening refusing to budge.

popeyeOur first cat used to use all 4 corners of the living room as a toilet. My mother used the despicable, outdated and utterly ineffective method of “rubbing her nose in it”.

We let a budgie fly out of the window, a horde of hamster pups escape into the floor boards, and a rescued pigeon fly away before it was fully fit.

Yes we loved them all but was it enough? Could we have have made their lives happier and our lives easier? Sure we could! All it would have taken was a little more knowledge and a tad more care and attention.

Now I have two amazing pet Greyhounds trained to Kennel Club Gold Citizen standard and I love helping other people get the most from their canine best friends. If you need a bit more help with your dog’s misdemeanours or even more crucially, you want to make sure your puppy gets the right start in life, contact me.

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