Allan & Adorable Abbey hard puppy biting

AbbeyAllan contacted me via Robson & Prescott vet referral. He and Rebecca were uncomfortable about Abbey’s hard biting as a pup and so I offered them a few strategies to help with Abbey’s teething and learn soft mouth skills.

Thought we’d give you a quick update on Abbey’s progress.  She’s been doing very well since you saw her and seems to have calmed down a lot.

We’ve read the books you sent and have taken on-board your comments.  We frequently play with her in her cage/pen, feed her by hand a few times a week and hide treats all around her cage.  Your suggestion of playing ‘swapsies’ with her toys has been a great way to keep her distracted when she starts to get a bit growly and angry.

She was recently nominated for best puppy at our training school and a couple of weeks back she graduated from puppy training classes.  She is now attending the follow-on classes.

She has really calmed down a lot and other people have commented on it.  It’s really enjoyable in the evenings when she’s like that.

She had a little accident last week when she ran at full speed into a heavy cast iron chair leg.  At first we suspected a broken leg but after a night at the vets she was up and walking.  She’s doing a lot better now and the limp is barely noticeable.  She certainly seemed to have calmed down a bit after that scare…

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for you time and advice.

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