Michelle & Harley pulling on a walk

I just spent a great day listening to and learning from the inimitable Barbara Sykes and in the breaks I got chatting to a lovely lady called Michelle. We spent all lunchtime talking about her dog Harley, and how we might work on his lead pulling. He is a rather gorgeous chocolate Lab and a very strong puller. Barbara showed us a… Read more →

Linda & Skye pulls, barks, chases...collie mayhem

Linda & Skye pulls, barks, chases…collie mayhem

How adorable that Skye wrote to me herself! Hello, I’m Skye, a typical Border Collie. When my owner threatened to swap me for a cat, we started lessons with Jayne. Training a dog takes experience and understanding and that’s what Jayne has. As well as the excellent one to one training, my owner received a series of Training Notes (we… Read more →

Stephenson's Track

Stephenson’s Track

This 4 miles / 6 km walk/cycleway links the Tyne Riverside Country Park at Newburn with Wylam. The route is a flat riverside walk with fine views along the Tyne Valley and the landscaped golf courses on both sides of the Tyne. The route can be joined at any point and can be followed in either direction. Rail services run… Read more →

The Three Bridges Walk

The Three Bridges Walk

A circular walk introducing Tyne Riverside Country Park between Wylam Bridge and Ovingham Bridge. The Three Bridges Walk from Wylam PDF (758kb) Northumberland Countryside Service leaflet.

Lizzie & Monty pulls, barks, chases... collie mahem

Lizzie & Monty pulls, barks, chases… collie mahem

I have included this email from Lizzie to illustrate that often training your dog means simply helping him and it takes time, dedication and patience! In her book, Tales of Two Species: Essays on Loving and Living with Dogs, Patricia McConnell talks about training impulse control. She writes, “It takes growing humans about 20 years to learn to control their emotions… Read more →

Wendy, Ice & Shadow double trouble & destruction

Wendy, Ice & Shadow double trouble & destruction

Sometimes talking it through with people on the other side of the world helps! This is from Wendy in Dubai writing to me about her two huskies who used to dangerously play fight, destroy furniture and show rather too much unhealthy interest in the cat. The young husky was a late-comer to the home, no toilet training, crate incarcerated as… Read more →

TAGteach Level 2 certified

TAGteach Level 2 certified

I am thrilled to have been taught by Teresa McKeon –  a national level gymnastics coach of more than 30 years, she along with Joan Orr and Karen Pryor created TAGteach, a vehicle that transported the science of learning from the rigid rules of academia to the riotous world of live teaching and coaching. TAGteach is an instructional protocol for humans… Read more →

BAT logo

Behaviour Adjustment Training – BT101 – Empowered Socialization

Introduction to BAT – 2 day seminar and online practical video course BAT helps dogs practice social skills in a way that improves confidence and self control. BAT stands for Behaviour Adjustment Training because we focus on adjusting the behaviour within the natural set of consequences. BAT could stand for Boring Aggression Training. The goal is to have a dog whose… Read more →

KCAI logo

IABTC Pet Dog Training Instructor Distinction at Assistant Level

Learning from the inimitable and distinguished Angela White at the International Animal Behaviour Training College PRACTICAL (DIST) AND LINKED THEORETICAL (DIST) ASSESSMENT IABTC ASSISTANT PET DOG TRAINING INSTRUCTOR (PRACTICAL COMPETENCE – IABTC ASSISTANT LEVEL) OVERALL GRADE – DISTINCTION Date 29.01.14 Course Manager: Angela White KCAI (Fellow) CDA, ObA, BehA, GCDSA, Cert Ed Angela White I A B T C

Canine first aid

Canine first aid

You never believe deep down that you will ever need to use first aid on your own dog. That nightmare happened to me recently and I was deeply thankful that I had attended a local canine first aid course. Here’s “the tail” of my poor greyhound. It accidentally got caught in a slamming door during high winds and lost the… Read more →