Behaviour Adjustment Training – BT101 – Empowered Socialization

BAT logoIntroduction to BAT – 2 day seminar and online practical video course

BAT helps dogs practice social skills in a way that improves confidence and self control.

BAT stands for Behaviour Adjustment Training because we focus on adjusting the behaviour within the natural set of consequences. BAT could stand for Boring Aggression Training. The goal is to have a dog whose response to people or other dogs is boring: no barking, lunging, growling, etc., and no need for you to micromanage to make that happen. So we rehearse being boring, over and over!

There may never be a BAT television show. BAT’s boring to do and even more boring to watch. If you do it right, there are no super exciting moments of barking or even frantically feeding or cueing. You just set up situations where your dog can be a dog and learn how to be boring.

BAT is about

  • Giving animals a way to control their environment.
  • Being a natural part of humane care.
  • Creating safe situations for the dog.
  • Allowing the feeling of freedom whilst being on a lead.
  • Desensitising a dog to the things in life it is worried about naturally.
  • Reducing stress and promoting good behaviour.

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