Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training – Understanding Canine Care and Behaviour – certified

CIDBT certificateA foundation course that provided general background information for dog-training and behaviour world.

  • Involved research and study of canine, breed specific and breed group origins.
  • What kind of dog suits which kind of lifestyle and personality and what problems seem to be most common.
  • Research and study of canine physiology, anatomy, grooming, maintenance, diet and general care, and canine communication.
  • Dog training equipment and methods.
  • Research and study of dominance in dogs and leadership theories.
  • Understanding fears and complexity of levels.

… you have demonstrated such a high academic quality in your work, I want to push you as far as possible.  My main comment is to keep your mind open and never stop learning – be open to change and keep a good journal to help you see where, how and why you had changes in thinking.  At the end of the day, dogs are our best teachers!

-Diane Kunas, MA, MCFBA & CIDBT

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