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Fancy spending time with dogs but can’t actually own one yourself?

Volunteer application form (pdf)

Want to play with people’s pets rather than give yourself heartache down at the dog shelter?

Have kids that want to get to learn all about dogs but you don’t want one in the house?

Cinnamon the corgiBefore I owned dogs myself I looked after cats that would not have appreciated my bringing hounds into the house. The answer to my hankering for spending more time with dogs was to volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust.

You may not get to connect with them on the same level as their owners you can definitely share a bond with them gained through the routine of due care, play and attention.

The special relationship between an elderly owner and a pet adds incalculably to quality of life, but  should the owner need help the Cinnamon Trust will seeks to step in and make use of their volunteers all over the country to give that help – which could be as simple as walking a dog for a housebound owner.

A national fostering service is provided for pets whose owners face a spell in hospital – volunteers take pets into their own homes and supply love and care in abundance until owner and pet can be reunited.

The Cinnamon Trust also provides long term care for pets whose owners have died or moved to residential accommodation which will not accept pets. Arrangements are made between owners and the Trust well in advance, so owners do have peace of mind in the knowledge that their beloved companion will have a safe and happy future.

When a pet is in the Trust’s care either short term or long term because the owner is in care, the owner is kept in touch with visits, if possible, or regular photos and letters.

How fabulous is that?!

The North East needs volunteers! If you would like to register for volunteering go and grab the volunteer application form (pdf)

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