Victoria Stilwell – The Power of Positive Training

Victoria Stilwell certificateThe Power of Positive Training 2 Day Seminar with Victoria Stilwell

  • Behind the Scenes of It’s Me or the Dog.
  • The Bond – Exploring the Human/Canine Relationship.
  • What is Positive Training?
  • The Dangers of Dominance.
  • How to Make Learning Fun for you and your Dog.
  • The Power of Positive Motivation.
  • Canine Sensory Education – Learn how your Dog Perceives the World.
  • Why is Play so Important?
  • Understand your Dog – Learning Canine Body and Vocal Language and Improve your Communication.
  • Solutions to Common Behaviour Issues Day two: Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Aggression in Dogs.
  • What is Aggression? Understanding Aggressive Behaviour.
  • Why Do Dogs Become Aggressive?
  • The Dominance Myth.
  • Emotional Experience-Stress, Anxiety and Fear-Understanding the Canine Nervous System.
  • Categorizing Aggressive Behavior – from Lead Aggression to Resource Guarding.
  • Assessing and Changing Aggressive Behavior.
  • Dealing with Aggression in a Shelter Environment.
  • Preventing Aggressive Behavior.
  • Children and Dogs – Safety and Responsibility

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