About Jayne

photo of Jayne LockeyMy love of animals comes from a very early memory of a kitten in a box sitting in our living room and my heart exploding with joy on seeing her. Since that day many animals have passed through our home. Many years have been spent being an ethical vegetarian before being an “ethical vegan” was deemed a philosophical belief.

Continuing my education about animals and for animals was simply second nature. I have been very privileged to train first-hand with some of the world’s leading dog behaviourists. Attending many lectures and seminars, and now webinars, by the very best in the business is not only enjoyable but essential so that I can pass on knowledge gained to others.

I began volunteering with animals initially to get hands on experience with more cats and dogs but soon realised the benefits were so much greater than this.  The Cinnamon Trust is a charity close to my heart that supports the elderly in the day to day care of their animals. I would encourage anyone with a few spare minutes each week that perhaps want to be more involved with animals but may not have the time or resources to be a full-time pet owner themselves to apply and help their local community.  Similarly I volunteered to help walk and care for the dogs at my local RSPCA branch and am now am a trustee where I help co-ordinate the wonderful volunteers and provide behavioural support for all the new adopters as well as the animals.


I am a registered signatory to the CAWC Code of Practice, fully insured and CRB checked.

My practice support both the APBC and Kennel Club  professional codes of practice.

Below is an homage to my wonderful foster dog Ralphy. Hope you enjoy the video.