Testimonials have come from emails that my clients have sent me and originals can be viewed on request.

Other feedback

Sam Vipwm Myers reviewed Dogs Little Helper – 5 star 5 July 2017 – I cant thank Jayne enough for the help she has given me. I’ve just started with my training but I’m sure everything is going to work fab. Thank u again Jayne ur a star. xxx – Emma Parker reviewed Dogs Little Helper – 5 star 17 February 2016 –  Jayne has provided invaluable help and support… Read more →


Allan & Adorable Abbey hard puppy biting

Allan contacted me via Robson & Prescott vet referral. He and Rebecca were uncomfortable about Abbey’s hard biting as a pup and so I offered them a few strategies to help with Abbey’s teething and learn soft mouth skills. Thought we’d give you a quick update on Abbey’s progress.  She’s been doing very well since you saw her and seems to… Read more →

Angela & Flash jumping up on people and furniture

Flash is a dreamboat greyhound who came from our kennels at RSPCA North Northumberland. Unfortunately at his new home he was becoming very “jumpy and mouthy”. Here’s a note from Angela regarding his progress to date after a single session and some training notes… Flash is doing great – Derek and I had 3 weeks in Australia during March and we couldn’t believe he was… Read more →


Michelle & Harley pulling on a walk

I just spent a great day listening to and learning from the inimitable Barbara Sykes and in the breaks I got chatting to a lovely lady called Michelle. We spent all lunchtime talking about her dog Harley, and how we might work on his lead pulling. He is a rather gorgeous chocolate Lab and a very strong puller. Barbara showed us a… Read more →

Linda & Skye pulls, barks, chases...collie mayhem

Linda & Skye pulls, barks, chases…collie mayhem

How adorable that Skye wrote to me herself! Hello, I’m Skye, a typical Border Collie. When my owner threatened to swap me for a cat, we started lessons with Jayne. Training a dog takes experience and understanding and that’s what Jayne has. As well as the excellent one to one training, my owner received a series of Training Notes (we… Read more →

Lizzie & Monty pulls, barks, chases... collie mahem

Lizzie & Monty pulls, barks, chases… collie mahem

I have included this email from Lizzie to illustrate that often training your dog means simply helping him and it takes time, dedication and patience! In her book, Tales of Two Species: Essays on Loving and Living with Dogs, Patricia McConnell talks about training impulse control. She writes, “It takes growing humans about 20 years to learn to control their emotions… Read more →

Wendy, Ice & Shadow double trouble & destruction

Wendy, Ice & Shadow double trouble & destruction

Sometimes talking it through with people on the other side of the world helps! This is from Wendy in Dubai writing to me about her two huskies who used to dangerously play fight, destroy furniture and show rather too much unhealthy interest in the cat. The young husky was a late-comer to the home, no toilet training, crate incarcerated as… Read more →