Linda & Skye pulls, barks, chases…collie mayhem

How adorable that Skye wrote to me herself!


I’m Skye, a typical Border Collie. When my owner threatened to swap me for a cat, we started lessons with Jayne. Training a dog takes experience and understanding and that’s what Jayne has.

As well as the excellent one to one training, my owner received a series of Training Notes (we particularly liked the section about de-sensitisation and counterconditioning – pairing “Monsters” with Very Good Things, i.e treats!) My owner also received essential tips for Bonfire Night and helpful CDs so that I’m now relaxed about all kinds of noises. I even received a delicious Training Treat recipe!

With Jayne’s help my owner has developed the skills to use the right command in the right situation which means I can now display good manners in any social situation – with other dogs. with children and with grown-ups – I was even allowed in a coffee shop the other day!

Having worked with Jayne I’m now a calm, contented, civilised companion and a perfect family pet.

Thank you Jayne!

Love Skye

Thanks Skye!

I am so glad you weren’t swapped for a cat otherwise we wouldn’t have met and now we are the best of friends 🙂

I am sorry about mistakenly giving you that Sci-Fi DVD instead of the Pattern Games. I should have known you were’t a fan of that genre.

I am glad to see you are listening to your mum a lot more and are able to cope better with the world around you. Keep practising being good and playing with your mum and dad. It’s lovely to see you blossoming into a happy, confident young lady!

Keep smiling.


…post script from Skye’s mum,

She’s been a super girl lately and when passing a couple of men this morning in a narrow area she didn’t react – finely managed to keep a loose lead! It’s great to hear people I hardly know say what a great dog she is – well done you!

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