Lizzie & Monty pulls, barks, chases… collie mahem

I have included this email from Lizzie to illustrate that often training your dog means simply helping him and it takes time, dedication and patience!

In her book, Tales of Two Species: Essays on Loving and Living with Dogs, Patricia McConnell talks about training impulse control. She writes, “It takes growing humans about 20 years to learn to control their emotions … so be patient with your dogs, and think in terms of months and years when training, not days and weeks.”


Things that prevented me from getting training for Monty were bad experiences at the group sessions at church hall, the cost aspect, not agreeing with some training techniques or connecting with trainer and working the training around my own busy schedule. All of these barriers you have been able to overcome. Brilliant one on one training where we got on really well and Monty loved your company and fun training. We shared same thoughts and ideas for training and we are able to work around my shifts.

Before we started I was losing hope in ever being able to enjoy a walk with Monty, I found myself getting very upset when we had incidents and just avoided walking in certain places. Monty was the leader in the house he decided when we would play or have strokes he would jump up at people and be very excitable when new people came to the house. On lead he would pull so hard he was choking himself. It was too much for my mum, dad and poor Bonnie to cope with.

MontyAs a result of having some training I am enjoying life with Monty so much more I see what a lovely dog he is rather than just seeing the bad behaviour that I was becoming frustrated with. I seen the importance of ignoring the bad behaviour and rewarding the good. Also having to change my own approach to not being so on edge on walks but using my own voice and behaviour to help relax Monty. You got us the harness, which has been a God send for us all! We attempted the whistle but recognised it wasn’t for me. We tried out fly ball together. Monty has changed his approach so much when new people come into the house no jumping up. We are boss in the home again we decide when to play tug. Monty can lie upstairs or downstairs without me being around him all the time. He is a happier dog and we are much happier owners, equipped with all the tools to go onto improve this. His major issues are on going but I really appreciate your wanting to still help me with those. Things have got better but I would like to improve it further I still feel on edge around bikes, children and things. On another note we have been able to sort out Monty’s health problems thanks to you recommending your vets.

Working with you as a trainer has been an excellent experience. The chance meeting of you being the jogger that day that caught Monty’s eye was the best thing that ever happened to us. You have been understanding of all the things I mentioned about why I hadn’t been to training. You have gave up your time for us even doing research in your own time and sending it all in emails for me to access anytime. I can tell from how you are with Monty that you really genuinely care for him and have a really good connection; he enjoyed working for the rewards especially the tasty chicken! I can email or text at anytime about bad walks or when he isn’t well, nothing is a bother you don’t mind me having a moan!

The best feature of the training is how personal it is, one on one focussing on our issues. The exercises we used were all aimed at facing the big problem but broke it down to the basics. I enjoyed learning ways of getting the results we wanted all the training exercises. I enjoyed us using the bike together for the desensitising exercise. It’s been brilliant, you doing some work with Monty even without me around just you and Monty was lovely gave you a chance to see him out and about.

You are a great trainer dedicated to the dog and owner. You listen to everything and always have an answer or if you don’t you quickly find one and send an email. You give up your time to help and will adapt around my crazy lifestyle! Thank you : )

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